I treasure these images that remind me of the indescribable moment we met Céleste

Rebecca + Geoff - Natural Birth, The Mercy Hospital for Women, Heidelberg VIC

“Céleste’s birth was a crazy contrast to my first daughter’s birth. Throughout this labour I was very lucid – where as I was completely in the zone with my first daughter’s epic 26 hour birth. I laboured all night at home and then everything just stopped – we had a very calm drive (not in labour) to the hospital and then spent most of the day walking up and down hills and steps in Heidelberg trying to get things going again properly – this included a coffee stop mid-labour, it was the strangest afternoon. In the end Céleste came fairly quickly (comparatively!) and naturally with the help of our amazing midwife.

I’ve experienced birth photography twice now. It was an absolute no brainer the second time around. I love having these photographs to look back on and to share with my girls. I believe in recording the everyday moments in life and this is really where it begins. It’s magical. It reminds you of what you and can do and the moments that you desperately want to remember but are blurry because of the enormity of the life shift that any baby brings. Amy has told our story with such care and beauty and I treasure these images that remind me of the indescribable moment we met Céleste.”