Frequently Asked Questions

When does my photographer arrive?

We like to arrive when our clients are in active labor. If your midwife or OB is doing cervical checks then we like to come in from when you are about 6cm onwards. If you are not being checked, we come when you have an active pattern of contractions that you can’t talk or walk through.

How long does my photographer stay after my baby is born?

Between 1 and 2 hours. It’s lovely being able to capture your babies first feed and cuddles with Mum and Dad, and maybe even them being weighed and measured.

How much does documenting my birth cost?

You can see our pricing here.

Do you photograph everything? I mean even down there?!

That is totally up to you! We are not scared of capturing your baby crowning and taking their first breaths, in fact, we think it’s pretty amazing and beautiful! Once you have booked with us we will have a chat, get you to fill in a little questionnaire and hear your thoughts on what you’d like captured or left out.

I’m keen on having a Photographer there to capture the baby as soon as they have been born but I don’t really want a photographer there while I am labouring. Can you do this?

If that’s the case we would probably recommend a FRESH session. These sessions take place in the hospital (or at home if you are having a home birth) within 48 hours of your baby being born. Our photographers are still on call for you and you can phone them as soon as the baby has arrived and they will try and be with you at the first reasonable daylight hour. It is also a good idea to keep your photographer in the loop as to when you are heading to hospital so they can make arrangements for their families.

How long will you stay for my birth? Is there a time limit?

Hopefully your baby arrives within 10 hours of us being with you. That’s why communication with your care provider is key. They will always have a better understanding on where you and your baby are at. If the labour extends for more than 10 hours then we may have to call our backup photographer in to take over as we need to look after our photographers and make sure they can drive home safely.

What if the room is really dark? Do you use flash?

No we don’t! We couldn’t think of anything worse than a flash going off while you are in labour. Our cameras or pretty amazing and can function pretty well in low light. If we need to, we may set up a little torch or dome light in the corner of the room, open a bathroom door or turn the lights up ever so slightly, but only after asking you first! You need to know that your images will have a bit of ‘grain’ to them. We love grain and think it adds character and a rawness to the images that you would not get with a stark flash going off!

Do I need to let my midwife/OB know that I’m having a Birth Photographer?

Yes definitely! Birth photography is still a fairly new genre of photography in Australia and many OBs and midwives have had little experience with birth photographers. They need to know that we are all mothers ourselves and understand how to be sensitive and that we will stay out of the way when needed. In many cases couples will call us their second ‘support person,’ if this is the case you may have to be prepared to forfeit having any other family or friends attend your birth (if it is in a hospital) naturally you can of course talk to your care providers about this.

There are usually no problems with home births and having your photographer attend but it’s a great idea to still communicate this with your midwife.

Does our photographer offer any other kind of support during my labour and birth?

No. Our photographers are not Doulas and wouldn’t dream of interfering, holding your hand or telling you to push! Our approach is quiet and we hope to be like a fly on the wall. Of course we will say hi and if you are up for a chat then that’s great, but often we come when you are ‘in the zone’ and can’t talk. We are sensitive to this and will pop in and out of the room at different points, giving you space when you need it and taking pictures when we feel a moment is important.

What happens if I end up with an emergency cesarean?

That’s OK! We can still be there to document your story. Most of the time we are not allowed into theatre especially if it’s an emergency caesarean but we will be there waiting for when you come out with your babe.

What if I schedule a planned cesarean?

Sometimes we are allowed into theatre if it’s a scheduled caesarean but this must be a conversation you have with your OB first.

We have also photographed scheduled caesareans (where we were not permitted into theatre) but were waiting for the couple when then came into the recovery area of the hospital. You can see an example if this here. 

How many images can I expect and are they colour or black and white?

Between 100 and 200 professionally edited images. Your images will be delivered in black and white unless we chat about this prior to your birth or feel a particular image would be more suited to colour. We like the documentary style that black and white images communicate and find it helps with the sometimes strange mix of artificial hospital lighting lending a gentler feel to your images.

Do I need to pay for my photographers parking?

No, it’s all included in the cost. 

Can I meet my photographer first?

Of course, we’d love that! Let us take you out for a coffee, we can answer your questions and you can see whether we are a good fit for each other. Alternatively we could also organise a Skype date or phone call if you are pressed for time.

Can I choose the photographer I would like to capture my birth from The Collective?

If you feel really strongly about this then we could definitely see if your preference is available. We do tend to try and match you with the photographer closest to your location of birth. And you don’t have to worry, all our photographers are lovely and amazing picture takers!

Do you offer newborn and family photography?

All our photographers are pretty wonderful and offer newborn and family photography separate from The Birth Photography Collective. Feel free to have a look at their websites and contact them separately if you are interested in newborn and family photography.

What happens if my primary Photographer can’t make it?

That is the beauty of booking your birth with the The Birth Photography Collective! We assign backup photographers who are also on-call for your birth incase your assigned primary photographer can’t make it.

What happens if both my photographers miss my birth?

If we happen to miss your birth because of exceptional circumstances on our end then know we will probably have a good cry! As well as crying we will either offer you a ‘FRESH Session’ and refund the difference or refund you in full if you decline. We hope you understand that labour and birth is probably one of the most unpredictable events to document and guaranteeing 100% that we will be able to make it is not possible. In saying that, we will go to every effort on our end to try and not let that be the case!

If we happen to miss the birth because you were not in communication with us early enough then we are happy to give you a partial refund but will keep your deposit. As birth photographers we only take on a certain number of births a year and make documenting your birth story a priority in our calendar.

I want more information about your FRESH sessions…

Then click HERE to read more!

Are you going to post my photos on the Internet?

Not without permission! We absolutely love birth photography and sharing images from peoples birth stories but our first thoughts are with your privacy and wishes. We will ALWAYS ask you before we post an image to Instagram or Facebook and we would definitely not post anything before you have made your grand birth announcement!

We are not into posting heaps of images of babies crowing and your lady bits. Although we think that’s beautiful we love sharing the emotion and the story of your experience more. Rest assured that we have a sensitive, tasteful and storytelling voice online and we would never share anything from your experience if you didn’t want us to.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, definitely!

When is the final payment due?

Two weeks prior to your due date. We will send you a final invoice at that time.

I’m keen for my birth to be photographed but my partner is weirded out by the idea. Any advice?

Yes! This is usually the way it happens. That’s why we think meeting us for a coffee is important and also make sure you have a look HERE. We have some stories from other partners who were initially not so keen. Don’t give up… the guys always take a bit longer to come around! hehe

We recognise you might have lots of questions! If you don’t find what you’re looking for here please email us so we can help you out.

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