We are friends of each other, mummas ourselves and photographers who are passionate about documenting birth

Friends, Mummas, Photographers...

The Birth Photography Collective is a group of photographers (who happen to be Mummas themselves) who are passionate about documenting your birth story. Because of the unpredictability of labour and birth we think it best to work together in teams similar to the way that on call midwives do, this ensures there is always a backup photographer in case your primary photographer can’t make it.

from amy

Whenever I say I’m a birth photographer I get either one of two faces. The first is of eyebrows high whilst trying to appear not totally grossed out and the other is one of pure wonder and almost joyously jealous (usually a Mum’s response). It’s funny.

Birth photography is a fairly new genre of photography but we are head over heels in love with it, completely sold out for it. As photographers, and I can speak for us all on this – we never in our wildest dreams thought that we might get to witness and document one of the most intimate moments that we can experience as humans.

We know that birthing a baby (whether naturally or by caesarean) is an incredibly special and sacred moment in time for both parents and we know this because we are all mothers ourselves and have been through this experience. Some of us have had fairly straight forward births and some a little more complicated and even traumatic – whatever our experience, I think we’d all agree that the photos we have of those experiences are among the most special images we own.

The Birth Photography Collective was born out of (excuse the pun) our own birth stories and wanting couples to experience the same gift we were given… incredibly special and private images that help us to remember and relive the most incredible day in our lives.

I often look through the beautiful images taken by Narrelle four years ago of my daughter Evie who was born by emergency caesarean. I’ve even made her a book about the day she was born, a little soft cover one that she can keep in her bedroom that can show her what her true first birthday was like and how much joy it brought to me as her Mum. She’s seen those photos of “Mummy crying” when I’m holding her for the very first time and she says, “Mummy was so happy that she cried when she met me.” Since Evie I’ve also had another babe. Her name is Anna and she is 4 months old. I was blessed enough to have Bec there to capture her birth. It’s been a really therapeutic to come back and forth to the images over the months to help me debrief, process (cry!) and continue to find joy in the birthing experience of little Anna. These images really are the most precious images I will ever have in my possession.

With all this said, I can say confidently that birth photography isn’t for everyone but I think you will know if you are that person. We are not scared or put off by the mess and what you might consider the ‘ugly’ parts of birth. We as a team have all been there and we know what’s involved, including nearly every type of bodily fluid you can think of! Please know, we don’t just bring our cameras when we come. We bring the compassion of a Mumma gone before, the discretion in how we ourselves would like to be treated and the sensitivity to know when to take photos and when to press pause.

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Once you get to know us you’ll see that we are just ordinary Mums (Who sometimes stay in our pj’s till lunch time) trying to navigate the messiness of life with kids and documenting it all along the way. We are nobody special, we just know how to capture special moments.

I look forward to getting to know you more and maybe even being involved in your birth story.

Amy xx

P.S. The photo above is me, my husband Nathan and our precious Anna just after she was born.